Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh my....

Well, it's been an eventful end of April. On April 24 my mom passed away. She had undiagnosed breast cancer that metastized to the bone. It's a sad time, no doubt, but because of my friends/fellow crafters and family, it has not been a totally horrendous time, either. Knowing my mom is at peace and out of pain has made all the difference. I only hope she didn't suffer too long. Her bones were hurting her and we finally convinced her to go to the hospital. She was admitted April 12 and gone April 24. It's sad. I'm still sad.

And I think of all the "stupid" time we won't be able to spend together anymore- watching QVC, bs-ing at the dining room table, ordering bad-for-you fast food (like takeout chicken and jalopeno poppers) and eating till our heart's content, silly stuff like that. That's what I'll miss most. The time together shooting the breeze, solving the world's problems over jalopeno poppers and cokes.

But I know she is with me now more than ever. And for that I am really, really grateful.

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