Sunday, May 18, 2008

Costa Rica

Back in January, Jeff and I took a much needed break and warmed up in Costa Rica. It was warm and beautiful, dry, not humid. It was the dry season so the greenery was not as lush as just the month prior to our arrival. I'm currently working on my scrapbook for the trip and I will post layouts at a later date. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures.

Turtles! I love turtles...

More turtles. Aren't they cute?

Jeff and I decided to go on an Adventure tour. It was sparse on the 'tour' but heavy on the Adventure. And although I grew up on a farm, I was scared poopless throughout the zip lining, free falling, Tarzan swinging, rock climbing adventure. It was ridiculous. And it was all my idea, so I have no one to blame but myself. I thought I would expand my horizons. Yeah. Nuff expansion for me just with the gear... should'a stopped then.

Here I am harnessing in for the free fall part. If I can figure out how, I will post the video clip of me screaming my head off moments later as the guides gently lower me into the canyon. Yes, I said gently. The guides were all very nice, despite my hysteria. Our tour consisted of Jeff and I and a conglomerate of Canadians who obviously were more adventerous than myself. They were pros. They all truly embraced the experience [so did Jeff]. Me, I just wanted to run. The Canadians were all so nice that when I made it thru the free fall, they applauded. What characters!! They, and Jeff, were all my biggest cheerleaders throughout it all.

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Anonymous said...

You have guts! Congrats on conquering your fear :)