Saturday, February 23, 2013

Craft Room Creation

So, after a long hiatus, I finally have a new craft room.  The story is a long one but I'll restrict myself to just the necessary details.  In August of 2011, we moved into our first home.  Naturally, something like setting up a craft room isn't a high priority.  However in February of 2012, I purchase many of those white cubical do-it-yourself storage units, assembled most of them and started the ball rolling putting the craft room together.  Then spring and summer arrived and again, the craft room took a back seat to other fun activities like BBQing and swimming. 
Then the new year 2013 dawns and it's time to chug away at the craft room once more.  My darling helped with the shelving, trimed out the ink storage box, and, well, firstly, painted the room way back in the winter of 2011-2012.  I chose creamsicle type colors because I wanted vibrant and inspiring colors and a sense of eternal spring since I do most of my crafting in the winter.  I think the colors are successful; I think the room is a success.  It's more than I hoped for and I am, indeed, one LuckyGirl!
From the Doorway
I love the drapes.  We just put them up today!
 Cutting Station and Ribbon Area
(not sure if the wall art is staying; but if it does, the birdcage area will hold the homemade chalkboard just below it).  The decorative boxes under the ribbon rack hold my sizzix dies, embossing folders, etc.  Most of the drawers of the storage units hold Creative Memories products for scrapbooking. 
 Ink Storage, Paper storage, Supply Storage
Most of my SU/stamping supplies are in the storage cubbies here; this includes punches, cutting tools, adhesives, designer paper and cardstock (lowest three cubes).  My honey trimmed out the ink storage so it's really, really nice.  On the shelves to the left, on the lower one are retired inks.  Since I'm not a demo, I don't have to worry so much about what I use and I'm a firm believer in keeping things in sight so you know you have it and you use it.  My craft table is messy because I just finished creating the chalk board and a card.
Closet Storage
 Home to the Stamps, Scrapbooks, Photos, and Gift Wrap all neat and organized
I have a easel-type folder in which I've placed a copy of an image of all my stamps, grouped by set.  Basically, I photocopy the stickersheet that comes with the stamps.  When I need a stamp, I flip through the book to figure out what I want.  I've made an inventory and the next step is to list what drawer the stamp set is in as well as if it's in a box with other stamp sets. 

I went unmounted a long time ago, so I place up to three stamp sets in the traditional SU clamshell box; each are separated by a piece of cardboard.  It works for me especially when I had the tiny craft space in the apartment and space was at a premium.


Kathy Humphrey said...

I love the wall colors-very bright and inspiring for those dull winter days!

LuckyGirl's Crafty Corner said...

Thank you, Kathy!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Looks like a great retreat!